Security of Gold
Gold is good real money, gold and silver

This web site was established as a place for family, friends, acquaintances, and other Christians to be informed about world market conditions and as a place to preserve their capital by investing in the only form of real money, gold and silver.

As world economic conditions continue to deteriorate, people are wondering what to do when they see their portfolios also deteriorating as time goes by. Most investors have already lost the gains made in the 90s before the stock market bubble began deflating in 2000, and vast numbers of people have suffered substantial losses.

Those of you who listened to our warnings to exit the market before the bubble burst and who invested where we directed them not only were preserved from major losses, but also made substantial gains. Some portfolios are up over 200 percent as compared to the Dow, S&P, and NASDAQ, with losses up to over 60 percent. Now we see the economies of Argentina, Brazil, and Uruguay collapsing like dominoes, a record number of major U.S. companies going bankrupt, the highest number of personal bankruptcies in U.S. history, possible war brewing in the Middle East and elsewhere, and the value of the dollar declining, all which affect world markets. Where does one invest to preserve their assets? Gold and silver!

Why Invest in Gold?

God's money is inflation proof!!!

  1. Gold is good. In Gen. 2:12 God declares that gold is good because He created it. Paper money, referred to as "your wealth" will be consumed. Also, our so-called paper money is really made from a mixture of paper and cloth, which is referred to as "rag." Interesting that our righteousness is always referred to as "filthy rags" in scripture.

  2. Gold is tested by fire. I Cor. 3:12  tells us that the foundation and quality of our lives will be tested by fire. Notice gold and silver are simply purified by fire, but wood, hay, and stubble are consumed and loss is suffered. Need we say more?

  3. Gold is a sign of power and blessing. Throughout history the ruling class has always sought to own gold and silver because they represent purity and longevity. Gold and silver are precious because they are scarce; they cannot be counterfeited by man. God commanded that the tabernacle in the OT and the New Jerusalem in the NT were to be built of gold, not paper. (Ex. 25 & Rev. 21)

  4. Gold & Silver belong to God alone. Hag. 2:8 tells us that "the silver is mine and the gold is mine saith the Lord." This cannot be said of man's counterfeit credit instruments which are contrary to God's commandment that we use a just weight and measure in our transactions.

           In conclusion, silver and gold are good, pure, and long-lasting forms of value originating with and belonging to God. We are simply stewards of His property here on Earth.

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