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Today's dollar bills are nothing more than pieces of paper with no value, referred to as "Federal Reserve Notes" (FRN). A note in banking terms is considered debt. It is an IOU that promises to repay the borrowed money according to the terms of the note. If you take any FRN out of your wallet and look at it, you will see that there is no promise to pay you anything. In other words, a FRN  is an "IOU nothing."

In contrast, a one-dollar "Silver Certificate"(1935 series) clearly spelled out the terms of the contract by stating: "THIS CERTIFIES THAT THERE IS ON DEPOSIT IN THE TREASURY OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA ONE DOLLAR IN SILVER PAYABLE TO THE BEARER ON DEMAND".

United States Silver Certificate

In 1935, a dollar was an honest weight of tangible, redeemable silver. But today, the only thing that gives the FRN any value is the reassuring babble on the left hand portion of the note which states: "THIS NOTE IS LEGAL TENDER FOR ALL DEBTS PUBLIC AND PRIVATE".

United States Ferderal Reserve Note

In conclusion, we see that since silver certificates were removed from circulation some time ago, we no longer have an IOU note that promises a tangible return in a form of noted value like silver. Our certificates backed by physical silver are now replaced by pieces of worthless paper made out of wood and cotton. Our Federal Reserve notes today are nothing but an IOU nothing!!! Here is a piece of information I came across recently that pertains to money, not silver, and I find it very interesting. It is about to how the Federal Reserve refers to a "dollar". It is called a Federal Reserve Accounting Unit Denomination, or FRAUD for short. It has been said that truth is stranger than fiction and in this case, it certainly appears so.

Our Dollar has declined about 95%  in value since 1913. I will give an example of how this affects you. In 1913, if you tucked away $2,000, which would have been more than a year's pay for most, it would still be $2,000 face value but have only the buying power of about $100 in today's purchasing power compared to that of 1913 due to inflation and the depreciating value of our dollar. Another way of looking at it would be that what $100 bought back in 1913 takes around $2,000 today to purchase. So it would be safe to say that our dollar is worth less than it was back then and someday it may be worthless. All fiat currencies eventually reach their intrinsic value of zero!!! If you were to open up a CD at your local bank paying around 1.5% annually, you would be losing around 1.5% a year on your money due to just a low 3% rate of inflation. Now, if you had taken that same $2,000 in 1913 and bought gold, the value of your money today would be worth over $33,000 at today's historically low gold price.  The price of saving in fiat dollars? You do the math. 

Are you trusting in worthless fiat paper or protecting yourself with gold?  The smart money is trading in fiat paper and buying gold as the dollar collapses. What are you doing?  

Use the CPI Inflation Calculator and see how your money is depreciating!

                                         CPI Inflation Calculator

When money suffers depreciations and devaluations it invites government price and wage controls….. and many other governmental restrictions on individual activities. Monetary destruction breeds not only poverty and chaos, but also government tyranny. Few policies are more calculated to destroy the existing basis of a free society than the debauching of its currency. And few tasks, if any, are more important to the champion of freedom than creation of a sound monetary system."

                                                               Hans Sennholz, Austrian economist


"Lenin is certainly right. There is no subtler or more severe means of overturning the existing basis of society (destroy capitalism) than to debauch the currency. The process engages all the hidden forces of economic law on the side of destruction, and it does it in a manner which not one man in a million is able to diagnose."
-- John Marnard Keynes, The Economic Consequences of the Peace

"Money is the most important subject intellectual persons can investigate and reflect upon. It is so important that our present civilization may collapse unless it is widely understood and its defects remedied very soon."
--Robert H. Hemphill, Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta


"Too much paper has been printed in the past, and will have to be wiped out no

 matter what."  James Dines - The Dines Letter


"It will be hard for people to believe this but, via inflation, their own government did them in. Practically on a daily basis in 1974 people saw rising prices in grocery stores, as they received fewer goods for their dollars. A full-fledged panic away from paper money could start"  James Dines - The Dines Letter


"People say gold is useless. Not true. It is demonstrating its function right now. Gold is the ballast for the printing press used in making paper money, and gold relentlessly punishes offenders"   James Dines - The Dines Letter


"It's dawning on many people that to defend the dollar, U.S interest rates will have to go up; else, money will be transferred from the U.S to England to take advantage of higher interest rates, and a dollar crisis would ensue. However, if interest rates go up, this might choke off the boom in our economy. What a dilemma!"   James Dines


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YOU ARE NOT SAFE IN DOLLARS, any more than walking the streets of South Central LA, or North Philly. The buck may be used as the measuring stick of our wealth, profits, and prices, but eventually the sham will be discovered by more and more of the populace. You simply cannot fool all of the people all of the time. In Germany, once the Reichsmark presses really got into overdrive, and in America three times already, more and more people got wise, and got out of those currencies. They saved themselves and their kin, by doing it. They knew they had better buy something. Anything, because the price would be higher next month, next week, tomorrow, or in a couple of hours, as the procedure followed all of known history. Some are going to the euro now, but this is just another printing press product. All currencies in the entire world, are printing press products, and have no value other than temporarily. As more and more get wise and cash in, the process increases in velocity, and the process feeds on itself, till the currency is only good for starting fires or taking to the outhouse. Avoid the rush, and get out and into something tangible. I can't change history, and I can't stop the politicos from debauching their own currency. They all follow recorded history, and all are doomed to not learn from it, but repeat it. Will you be a victim? Like the majority, who usually are wrong? Protect yourself.


Listen here for an audio broadcast by Dr. Larry Parks on the corruptness of our fiat money system. FSO Interview of Dr. Larry Parks

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