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KJB Investments is dedicated to giving our customers information beneficial to their financial survival and favorable prices on gold and silver bullion compared to other dealers. Just as one company's motto is "An educated consumer is our best customer", our best customers are those investors who look not only to preserve but also augment their capital. These educated investors are not invested in overpriced securities, but have a judicious amount invested in gold and silver.

US Gold Coins American Golden Eagle Coins

Gold Eagle 1oz. 1 Troy ounce - 31.1033 grams - .916 Fineness
Current Price: Please Contact Us.

Terms of Sale

The Bullion prices listed on this website are representative only and are subject to change based upon market conditions. Every effort will be made to post significant price changes. As a result, KJBI cannot guarantee that actual quoted prices by telephone or email will match those listed herein due to constantly changing market prices.

There is a minimum total of $5,000 per order.

At this time KJBI will accept only bank wires or certified bank checks for the purchase of gold and silver bullion products. This is due to security reasons and to expedite the ordering and shipping process for us and our clients.

A confirmed order with funds received is required to lock prices in for a client.

In most cases, shipping, handling, and insurance are included in the price quoted on this page.

Shipping and insurance charges, if applicable, are invoiced in addition to the final quoted price of the bullion products.

Due to the volatile nature of precious metals, all bullion coin and bar sales are final. This ensures keeping prices at as low a premium as we can to our customers and future clients.

KJBI’s fee is 1.5% of net sale proceeds on gold and silver bullion. There are fee discounts for high volume clients.

New York residents must be invoiced for the 8.75% sales tax.

There is a very real possibility that some time in the near future the precious metals market may become very volatile due to high demand and low supply. The availability of gold and/or silver may become so thin that orders may not be processed as expeditiously. Our company like any other is constrained by the availability of bullion products from the distributor.

ALERT... The alarm I have been sounding for months is now coming to fruition. Silver has now entered a critical stage. The silver supply has run so low that the biggest wholesalers are now having trouble filling orders due to the diminishing supply. Soon the window for purchasing low priced silver will close permanently. Better act now before the opportunity is lost for good. 

Collectable Foreign Gold Coins Collectable Foreign Silver Coins

South African Krugerrand 1oz. 1 Troy ounce - 31.1033 grams - .916 Fineness
Current Price: Please Contact Us.

US Silver Eagle Coin American Silver Eagle Coin

Silver Eagle 1oz. 1 Troy ounce - 31.1033 grams - .999 fineness
Current Price: Please Contact Us.

Gold Coins Silver Coins
Gold Maple 1oz. 1 Troy ounce
31.1033 grams - .999 fineness

Silver Maple 1 oz. 1 Troy ounce
31.1033 grams - .999 fineness

Current Price: Please Contact Us.

Credit Suisse 1oz. 1 Troy ounce - 31.1033 grams - .999 fineness
Current Price: Please Contact Us.
One Ounce Gold Bar

One Hundred Ounce Silver bar Silver Bar - Johnson Matthey 100 oz
100 troy ounces
3.1103 kilograms(6.8 lbs)

Current Price: Please Contact Us.

Silver Bag of Coins
90% Silver coins- pre 1965
$1000 face value

Current Price: Please Contact Us.
Valuable Silver Coins

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