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As an individual who seeks out truth, as anyone that seeks out truth, we discover some amazing facts along the way that enlightens our understanding of life and how things work (Luke 11:9,10).

Our stock market goes in cycles or seasons and we are entering a very cold winter
In the 1930’s, Stalin commissioned an economist named Kondratieff to study the American capitalistic system, not to know how it worked, but for him through his analysis prove that it was doomed for failure. After much studying the history of our free markets he found that a free market goes in cycles of booms and busts but doesn’t collapse. His analysis and discovery of this truth was presented to Stalin, which landed him in prison where he died. I guess those who don’t like truth, like the Pharisees in the time of the Lord Jesus or tyrants like Stalin or the liberals of today, will discredit or eliminate those who embrace and promote truth.

Here are four articles that explain how our markets go thru booms and busts like seasons and how we are now entering what is known as the Kondratieff winter. This season is known for crashing stock prices and a bull market in gold.

Kontratiev Discovered Nothing New
Kondratieff Wave Cyles

Kondratieff Q&A
Valuation Wave Reversion

Our Stock market decline was predicted and is heading much lower in the coming months

If one is going to obtain knowledge and wisdom as in Proverbs chapter 2, they will have to seek it out biblically. If one is going to seek knowledge and wisdom in the financial markets they will have to seek it out also, but from the right source!

One suggestion is to turn off CNBC, Lou Rukeyser, and Jim Cramer on CNBC and his “Real Money” show on Bloomberg radio. People who have invested by the advice of these commentators and analysts have lost billions and these individuals are still spouting the same hype and hyperbole that has been wrong all along. Has anyone ever noticed also that CNBC's show called "Morning Call" until recently, had the graphs of every stock they followed and that the color of these graphs were the same color green as the green arrow shown when a stocks price is rising? Why couldn't they make the graphs in red, yellow, orange, blue or any other color but the same shade of the green arrow? Is this just a coincidence, or could it be there to send a subliminal positive message about the stock market that is deceitful to keep ones hopes and assets in overpriced securities that are not secure? Do you want to listen to advice on where to invest your earnings from a station that has had analysts giving misleading advice on the direction of the market all along and has to use tactics like this to keep you invested? CNBC is owned by GE, and GE doesn't make its profits if the investors were to exit the markets into safer and more profitable investments like gold.

I suggest for everyone who wants to know the truth on the financial scene, that they should connect to the following link and do their diligence in absorbing the wealth of information there. This site was one of a few that were ahead of its time warning of stocks being way overvalued and predicting the stock markets drastic decline. If there was only one website that I could recommend investors to visit for a wealth of market information, it would be this site. By spending a few hours reading and absorbing the editorials and articles there, one would be more knowledgeable on the market fundamentals than over 95% of the investing public. They also have a two-hour weekly broadcast that wraps up the past week of financial news and deciphers out the hype and hyperbole giving you the straight facts and insight on the future of the markets.

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The Dollar will fall and Gold and Silver will rise in its place

There are many sites and articles from the experts on our present financial state and what the future may hold in store. I have searched out in cyberspace for those I feel are the most experienced and honest in their presentation. Here are a few articles to help inform those seeking truth in our present environment of dishonesty and disinformation.  

The US Dollar Bear 2

Gold Is a Political Metal

The Anti-Gold Camp's Last Big Guns

Is The Dollar Toast?

Richard Russell On the Markets & Gold
Jay Taylor on Gold
Refuting Myths about Gold
Bank Troubles
Richard Russell on the Markets

The Coming Price Explosion In Silver


SILVER - Investment Opportunity of the Decade

FSO - Silver-The Next Big Thing

Is Silver Short Or Standing Tall

Silver Rule Change!

Silver Squeeze! 

The Merits of Buying Now

The Big Picture on Silver!
Silver to Zero
The Heart of the Matter

The Smartest Money

Silver Investor - This Week in Silver

Are Our Stock And Precious Metals Markets Being Manipulated?


When someone tells you about a worldwide conspiracy to control people and intrude on their personal freedoms, there is a bit of cynicism on most people to believe such a statement and think the messenger to be either gullible or even paranoid to make such accusations. But the definition of a conspiracy is this: A plot; combination of persons for an evil purpose; the act of conspiring together. With that in mind, I implore people who seek truth to read the following articles. See what evidence there is to substantiate the authors belief that there is a worldwide conspiracy to manipulate American stock markets and precious metals markets in order to keep the status quo and keep the world economy built on fiat money from unraveling.


Managed Markets
A Visual Measure of the Recent Selling Pressure in Gold

Gold Cartel Smashes Bullion Right On Cue
What's Going on Here?

Taylor On The Markets & Gold

The Central Banks Told Us!

Conspiracy Theorists



All money is debt and will result in a world financial crisis.

It would be impossible for me to explain in a few paragraphs how the present world financial system of fiat money and debt will lead to a worldwide financial crisis. This is best left to the financial experts. Norm Franz is a biblical economist who has an extensive background in business development. As a former monetary economist and investment company president, Norm is a recognized authority on money and wealth in the new millennium. His proven biblical insights concerning the problems facing the world's financial system have made him a prophetic voice to business, government, and church leaders worldwide. In this capacity, he is actively discipling the nations on how to discern the difference between true biblical wealth and the dishonest scales of unrighteous mammon. His recent book, Money and Wealth in the New Millennium, is an eye opening read and prophetic for today's world economic situation. I strongly suggest every Christian who has any interest in finance, the stock market, or money in general to read his book!

Money and Wealth in the New Millennium

Why our economy is in serious trouble!!!


Senator Sounds Alarm on US Dollar

Japan, Then Argentina

1987 Warning Signs

The Coming Storm

Man your battle stations, this is no drill

Is a 1987-Style Scenario Taking Shape

Flight To Imbecility

Bond Massacre!

Richard Russell On the Markets/2-11
FSO Editorials: We Ain't Seen Nothin' Yet
FSO Editorials: Our Nation In Peril


The wise are instructed by reason, average minds by experience, the stupid by necessity and the brute by instinct...Marcus Tullius Cicero, statesman, orator and writer (106-43 BCE)





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